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 This is a call for discussion and cooperation by those who would be interested in founding an online, and possibly a printed, Biblical Astrophysics Journal. The journal would publish scientific papers and informed speculation by scientists and other intellectuals who have come to believe in a literal interpretation of the Genesis account of creation in God’s holy word, the Bible. The time may be ripe for such a journal to begin publication. Millions if not billions of people across the globe have come to see that there is overwhelming, compelling evidence that the Bible is the Word of God. This evidence includes the reasonable and scientific refutabillty of all “science” that would refute the Bible. It includes the growing evidence of the Bible’s historical accuracy. Included is the Bible’s true-to-life-and-experience description of the human condition. Especially, there is stunning evidence of the fulfillment of biblical prophecy, particularly Old Testament prophecies about the coming Jewish messiah, which were realized by the life of Jesus Christ.

This Journal would be about how the study of astrophysics increasingly supports the biblical view while astrophysics knowledge development also increasingly baffles scientists and knocks down standard theories and understanding. The expanding number of fully qualified scientists and other highly educated professionals that have reached the conclusion that the Bible is literally the word of God would be invited to submit papers and scholarly articles. If the organization which is founded to publish this Journal reaches the funding level of a regular magazine publisher, it could theoretically hire a full-time or part-time staff of science journalists.

The purpose of this Website is to engender discussion among people who would be interested in founding the Journal. Invited to join the conversation are people with relevant ideas as well as those who might be able to fund the project. To be involved in this think tank, please click on the link below to go to the forum.